#100inaug = done!

… and what did we learn?

  1. Keep going. No matter what. Yeah, it’s a lot of miles if you look at it as a whole, but chunk it off one day at a time (and stay at it) and pretty soon, you’ll be there.
  2. Wingmen are clutch. My Number 1 guy has taken to running lately and while he has no interest in running 11 miles on a Sunday morning with me, he does ride along on a bike to keep me company and even carry water. (He’s pretty much the best human being in the world.) I don’t even need verbal encouragement…. just being there is enough to keep me going.
  3. Social accountability is nice, too. I’ve grown my number of friends on Runkeeper who look for me to finish runs so they can like and comment on them. Knowing that my performance is visible to folks just as effective as them being beside me every step of the way, and I feel like l I can’t let them down by throwing in the towel. Instagram has been an unplanned success in the journey, too, as motivation comes through linking with other runners with certain hashtags.
        >    3.1 Sweaty selfies are overrated. No matter how hard I try to look my best after running, I’ll always have a beet-red face covered in sweat while hunched over gasping for air. It’s actually really hard to look graceful after a run, and I need to do a better time giving credit where it’s due in this regard.
  4. Presents = justifiable motivation. Yeah, I just bought running shoes about a month ago, but boy it would be nice to work in another pair to keep me running longer. Enter these sweet bad boys that I just ordered as my reward. Scrambling to set another goal for September, just to justify some more retail therapy… Momma needs some cold weather gear.
  5. Toesocks are weird, but effective. I won’t run in anything else, especially for runs over 5 miles. I’ll save the gross feet post for later, but trust me. Life-changing stuff, right there.

So, no major mileage plans for September, but I will likely crush last month’s total mileage. Tons more speedwork has been incorporated, and my longest long run this month is 13 miles.

Here’s to an injury-free month of KT Tape and constant eating.


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