new-wpWell, hello.

This is where all things my brainĀ ends up, whether it’s good reading material for work, new recipes I’m trying out, or keeping myself accountable for running/staying in shape. I will try not to bore you too much.

I live in Virginia with my best friend and husband Scott, but I grew up in Dixie (the real South).

I’m a sucker for:

  • A good Southern drawl
  • All things Auburn University
  • Baby animals
  • Long beach days


  • Unhealthy coffee addiction
  • Creating cavity-inducing sweet treats
  • Short sentences (thanks, J-school.)

My day job is a digital media advisor for a wonderful healthcare organization, but I try to disconnect as much as possible different outlets you’ll find here. Whether it’s pounding the pavement with the running shoes or tying up the apron strings and spending the afternoon with fondant, spending some time on myself and my family mean the most to me.

Happy reading,


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