Good news, kinda

Monday night, I went to a free Achilles Tendonitis clinic hosted by a local running store. They had a physical therapist come out and give everyone a run down on what AT is, how you get it, how to live with it and what to do to keep from getting it again.

Good news: I was spot on in my self-diagnosis.

Bad news: I was spot on in my self-diagnosis.

I’ve been doing everything right, I just need to do it for another week or so, and more of it. More ice, more massage, more exercises and a lot more Advil. By the way… did you realize you can take Advil for up to 14 days? This PT recommends taking the full daily amount for one week, with food and plenty of water, and stopping if my stomach can’t handle it. I hate taking pills, and I always thought you treat the pain and stop taking, but apparently taking it for 3-7 days will allow the NSAIDs to relieve the inflammation on the tendon and let me get back to running sooner (hopefully).

I am not crazy about what that’s going to do to┬ámy kidneys, so I will definitely be stopping at the 7-day mark.

The actually good news is that he said it seems like I don’t have a bad case of it, and since I starting treating it very quickly after injury, I’m that much more ahead of it.

So, I’m on the right path, recovery wise. I’m hoping to do a little jog Saturday if my foot will let me, although we learned this weekend that I can Arc and bike without pain. Gym equipment is so frustrating… 50 minutes spent on machines and I didn’t move an inch. Good grief, get me outside again.



  1. Reba

    I am glad you caught it and you are on the path to running on the path again! I didn’t treat my tendonitis early enough and pushed too hard. I’m paying for it now. It has been a month since my last run and it’s killing me!

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