Some mornings…

… you just need to sleep. So I did.

I was supposed to hit 5 miles this morning before work, but after getting out of bed at 5, putting on running clothes, picking a playlist, eating a banana and drinking one glass of water – per usual routine – I decided that the best thing to do was go back to bed.

I got 1.5 more hours of sleep and I’m totally good with that.

While we’re confessing, I skipped my long run (7 mi) this past Sunday, too. We had company in town and everyone wanted to go to Kings Dominion. After getting off my favorite ride for the second time in a row, something just wasn’t right with my back. By the end of the day, I could barely walk without wincing in pain like a baby… Running when I got home Sunday wasn’t an option. Thankfully, yesterday was a scheduled rest day, so assuming I can hit the road when I get home (planning on it), I’ll only be 7 miles short on the training plan.

Still, I’m feeling good about the goals I’ve set for distance this month. I can make up those missed 7 throughout the month. It’s just not worth hurting myself even more only 5 days into August.

Hurray for sleep,

– jos.

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