Sundays are hump days, too

Celebrate with me friends, I’m over the hump. My goal of running 100 miles in August is officially halfway complete.

I have to come clean though. When I started this crazy feat, I had the attitude of “100 miles? Totally doable.” That quickly changed into “WHY did I have to tell the world I was doing this?” I even shifted into a mindset of “I’m sure no one will even notice if I just stop talking about it…”

But, something happened in the past week or so. It actually feels weird when I don’t run. I actually WANT to get a few fast miles in on my rest days. I think about running all day while I’m sitting at my desk.

I used to feel guilty when I didn’t run on a scheduled training day, but now I feel guilty if I don’t run fast enough or consistent enough. It’s less about covering the mileage and more about technique and paying attention to everything my body is telling me – from my feet to my lungs. I haven’t listened to music in a while so I can focus more on the technical side of running.

Frankly, I’ve went from having a love-hate relationship with running to having a love-hate-love relationship with running.

I’m officially 58.7 miles in with 40 scheduled miles left in the training plan for August. The Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion and a few rainy days along the way are partly to blame for being slightly behind, but I’ll get the last laugh when I meet my goal.

It will probably be Aug. 31, but this 100 miles is happening, come hell or high water.


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