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First-ever digital chairman of RTDNA named

Link: http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/10-02-11-kevin-benz-makes-history-as-first-pure-play-digital-chiarman-of-rtdna/

Kudos and congrats to CultureMap Austin’s Kevin Benz, becoming the first-ever strictly digital media journalist named chair of RTDNA.

Not that he’s not beyond capable and qualified, I’m just happy that others in traditional media are starting to respect and learn from digital leaders.

Thanks, Kevin for saying this:
“There are many who I think would agree that broadcast journalism is too often still wires and lights in a box. When Dancing with the Stars gets more TV news coverage than the death of al-Awlaki, I’m not sure they serve as a weapon against ignorance.”

When the economy starts to agonize me, and when media professionals around me don’t seem to think into the future (past the 90 block, of course), I find solace in people like Benz and their drive to make journalism better.