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Newsrooms: Start preparing for 2012 election coverage online

Link : What newsrooms can do not to start preparing for 2012 election coverage online

This is a great article reminding me that it’s never too early to start preparing for the big stories. The 2012 elections will be a big deal, and you can’t just start getting ready for them a couple of months before November next year.

Willis brings up a good point: Whatever special coverage you think you want to do, make sure it’s well thought out. Think about your ROI and make sure your time spent will be worth it in the end.

Another good aspect to consider is to play to everyone’s strengths and keep communicating on who’s tackling what. Make sure roles are divided to the most efficient worker.

Google Plus: Jump on in (unless you are a business)

Link: Google Plus: Jump on in

Google developers are urging businesses to stay away from creating a pages as everything is
still in test/invite mode.

You’d think Google would have thought of this, as businesses/organizations always want to be where the public is… It’s OK, though. They’ve thought of everything else :)

We are anxious to get started and learn how to use it to better serve our viewers.

Our conversation about my life.

I know I’ve been quiet. The truth of the matter is that husband has been shoving me out the door all week with a beverage cooler and mindless fiction to enjoy my days on the beach.

But Jess… What about work? Aren’t you earning a living like a responsible American citizen?

Nope. Actually, this entire week I haven’t done a thing. Probably because I’ve been officially unemployed.

Dude. Seriously? What happened??? Did you get FIRED?

Heck no. I’m awesome. And awesome people don’t get fired. I quit.

You just quit? Like, you didn’t even give a two week notice? That’s pretty unconventional, unless something scandalous happened. (By the way, that was pretty egotistical of yourself to call yourself awesome. Kind of out of character, Swink.)

I assure you, there was no scandal. I didn’t give a two-week because I knew I wouldn’t work anyway for the next two weeks because we are already past deadline, and if anything needs to be done, I will happily do it. Always willing to extend a helping hand, I am. Not worth two weeks, salary though. I’m happy to help fo’ free.

Geez. What gives? You loved that job! You were an editor of a pretty great little magazine. Heck, you even named your Tumblr “Ramblings of a Young EDITOR.” Are you feeling alright?

Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that I can’t be an editor of SBI while I WORK AT WAVY NEWS 10. BOOOOOOM!

Oh, you. You really had me going. So… you mean, WAVY-10 the news station? First in HD? Chopper 10? WAVY 10 On Your Side? DON SLATER???

Yep. That’s the one.

Well gosh. That’s just peachy. What will you be doing?

This is an interesting question. I originally applied for a webdesk editor position, but they threw my hat into the ring for the position I accepted as well. It’s basically 60 percent keeping the website updated with news and developments and 40 percent “special projects.” This just means that my Master’s degree will be at work as I apply some new media strategies and news packaging ideas to the already awesome, award-winning site, wavy.com and the Fox affiliate fox43tv.com.

Sounds kinda amazing.

Oh, I know. (Don’t you mean awesome???)

Psh. What’s your job title?

Oh, I don’t know. The first part of it is “Web Producer,” but since the position is new and ever-evolving, I’ll get the official official title when I start.

And when is that?


Awesome. Are you excited?

Duh. I’m beyond pumped.

Are we going to end up seeing you on TV wearing a bright red suit, big hair and bright red lipstick???

That’s a visual I wouldn’t force on anyone. I’m a behind the scenes chick. But I’m pretty sure if you put a question mark on the teleprompter, I would read it.

I’m Ron Burgandy?